Art and Frame Restoration

Here is a list of the things we restore:-

• Artworks

- repair and conservation of oil paintings, water colours, pastels and all paper art.

• Tapestry Art

- repair and conservation of longstitch, embroideries and doileys.

• Certificates and Documents

- clean, repair, de-acidify and remake.

• Frames

- repair, re-ornamenting, re-making, re-gilding, re-polishing, re-finishing, re-glazing
  •• Oval and round frames (see some examples on the Mirrors pages)
  •• Memorabilia framing - Showcase style - individually restored to suit

• Mirrors

- repair, re-silver and replace both glass and frames.

• Clocks and Ornaments

Restored Antique Clock
This Antique clock is just one of the many things that we restore and re-gild.

Of course you can try and do it yourself, but the risks are greater the more valuable your item in need of restoration/repair. If you really want to DIY, we recommend you use what we use - Howard Quality Wood Care Products, for all timber surfaces.

For all enquiries Contact Us.

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