Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ about Framing of your Memorabilia, Sports Items, Medals, Trophies, Awards, Certificates, Photos, Coins and all other things of value to you.

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1. How much will my framing cost?

This will depend on your size and components required. There are often a wide range of options depending on your needs. Our best suggestion is to bring in your piece for consideration, and suggestions. We offer a free design and quote service. However we are also willing to estimate costs over the phone if necessary, even though we can give only a limited amount of design advice without the picture in front of us.

2. How long will my framing take?

Usual production time is 5 to 10 working days. This depends on material availability, and complexity.

3. But I need an urgent job. Can you help?

Certainly! Once we know details, we can focus on the job in hand and meet your needs, depending on material availability, and time.

4. Do you frame Football jumpers and how much does this cost?

Yes. We do a lot of football jumpers. Our special pinning method stretches the jumper perfectly. Importantly We use NO GLUE, so the jumper is in mint condition, which adds to its value, and longevity.
COST. As you would expect the price does vary, starting from what size it is and whether it is a long or short sleeve jumper. Then it depends on additions required like photos, badges or information plates. We like to "showcase" the jumper by keeping it off the glass, which gives you a "showcase" effect. This sometimes (depending on the frame chosen) requires us to make a "back extension" which costs a bit more, but is well worth it. Prices usually range from $250 to $500. TIP. Most customers comment that the framed item is bigger than they imagined, so it is a good idea to first consider where to hang your jumper. ANOTHER TIP. If you want a descriptive title plate, consider the wording, and also the inclusion of photos, badges, or other relevant memorabilia.
Just Contact Us for a detailed quote for your exact needs.

5. Do you frame rugby jerseys, or soccer shirts?

Yes! Please refer to football jumpers (question #4)

6. How about Medals Framing?

YES. Bring in all medals, badges, documents, and information, and we can get to work designing a brilliant and decorative piece of memorabilia.

7. Do you handle needlework?

Needlework, tapestries, doilies… any material at all. We frame and protect.

8. What glazing should I use?

There is a vast range of options from glass, non-reflective materials, Perspex to conservation options.

9. REPAIRS..I have a broken frame and glass. Can you fix it?

YES. New glazing and frame repairs are done as needed.

10. Can you match the frame I bought years ago?

That depends. We use all suppliers, and importers, so if it is available at all, we can search for it.

11. Should I glue my picture down?

Depends on what end result you want. Generally, if it is valuable or a collector's item, it should NOT be glued down. If you want a perfectly smooth finish, then glueing is often the answer.

12. Will my picture fade?

Any light will affect most pictures. Any pictures should not be hung in direct sunlight. If you are concerned, we offer a range of conservation glazing, which can reduce the effect of light damage by up to 98%. We can advise you in detail.

13. I have an old PHOTO which I want to frame, but it is damaged. What should I do?

PHOTO RESTORATION is the answer. Our photo restorations are first class.

14. Can you Deliver?

Yes! All prices displayed on the website EXCLUDE Delivery. If you want us to arrange delivery please ask for a quote.

15. Can you hang my pictures for me?

Yes! We have a range of experienced trades persons to safely hang your pictures.

16. Where are you?

We are conveniently located at 488 Mt. Alexander Road (cnr Warrick St.) ASCOT VALE. On tram route #59
PHONE. (03)9370 5744.     FAX. (03)9370 5344.     EMAIL.
SHOP HOURS 9.30am to 5.30pm MON-FRI.    SATURDAY… 9.30am to 3.30pm

Last updated: 1 June 2017

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