Archival or Preservation Picture Framing

Examples of various Archived Items in our frames:

Miniature Jockey Jacket
Miniature jockey jacket is superbly Archived and Preserved.

Ornate Corner Frame
An Archived and Preserved set of War-time memorabilia.

Oil Painting
This oil painting was Conserved with our meticulous cleaning process.

Protect your precious items in the best possible way.

• What is Archival or Preservation Framing?

    We define Archival Framing as equivalent to Preservation Framing with both being of a very high standard, just below that of Conservation and Museum Framing.
    You can see what Wikipedia says about this here.
    Our expertise is seen in the examples you can click on here in a number of categories depending on the type of items you value enough to have framed for both visual appeal and safety for many years to come.

• Select and click on the Category of interest to you:

  •• Custom framing Tapestry & Needlecraft
     - Examples of how our Custom Framing can enhance your skills & preserve your achievement.
  •• Sporting Memorabilia Framing Examples
     - See how we could frame and Preserve your Sports Shirts & Jumpers, Jackets, Boxing Gloves, Cricket Bats, Balls - all types, Jockey Jackets, Horse Shoes, Ribbons or your Olympic Games or other valued Trophies.
  •• Military Memorabilia
     - All important Medals & Military Recognition Badges & Insignias.
  •• Family & Heritage Memorabilia
     - Family Tree Framing and precious photos Archived yet beautifully displayed.
  •• Collectors Memorabilia
     - Display & protect your precious Collectables in the best possible way e.g. Artifacts, Botanical Specimens, Stamps and Coins, Shells, Wedgwood and Weapons.
  •• Wedding Memorabilia Framing
     - Flowers, Christening dresses, etc.
  •• Eclectic Memorabilia - Seeing is believing....

• We use all the best types of glazing available - clear glass, non-reflective, Perspex, Conservation, TRU VUE, Bubble glass or Convex glass

• We have made Perspex Display Boxes for various objects like rare boots, famous boxing gloves, antique car or boat models, signature footballs, etc

• We are expert in Block Mounting & Laminating - an inexpensive way to display and protect your picture. Usually glued onto 9mm custom-wood board. The edges can be square or shaped for an interesting effect. Edges are usually black but can be made any colour. Laminating can be either a gloss or matt finish

• We also use Stretcher Frames when called.

Contact Us if you would like to know how we would handle your specific framing needs.

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