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Framing - Design, Construction and interesting range of framed items.

• The right design concept to best enhance the total image is our priority. To achieve this end, we design frames from the largest range of options.
• With over 60 years experience, we construct your frames with attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship.
• Experienced help is at hand for the hanging of that heavy mirror, or any number of large or small pictures.
• A system called "Gallery Hanging" is now available for Difficult Walls. This system allows you to hang your picture etc., from a rod installed at cornice level, so there is no need to make holes in the wall. There is also another system of vertical "droppers" which enable one or a number of pictures to be hung at different levels. This system is especially suitable for "lath and plaster" walls, difficult walls or if you want the flexibility to change your picture hanging regularly.

Photo Restoration - of old, damaged, faded and other photos in need of restoration, correction or repair.
• Photographs - Negatives, Re-prints, Extracting items or people from a photo or adding new items or people into an old photo

Art and Frame Restoration - of damaged, faded and other faults in need of restoration or repair.
• Artworks - Oil Paintings, Water-colours, all Paper Art
• Antique Clocks and Furniture - Chairs, Easels, other Antiques
• Picture Frames - re-ornamenting, re-making, re-gilding, re-polishing, re-glazing

Calligraphy - You can embellish these things to make them even more special:
• Titles
• poems
• place cards
• illustrations and sketches
• children's and magical art
• important documents
• prized certificates including birth certificates

Resources - includes a carefully selected list of useful links to heaps of pictures, prints, Art Galleries and DIY info.
• Expert, friendly advice with a commitment to the best possible results is our promise to you. And if we can't help you directly, we will guide you in the right direction.

Engraving Service:
• Title plates in aluminium or brass.
• Spectacular results for Special Framing such as Family Tree Framing, Memorabilia and Military Framing.

Consulting Services:
• Home Consultancy - Expert advice on styles and sizes for your home, through consideration of your own preferences, is our service to you. If you are unsure about the options applicable and require guidance, this service comes at a small cost - in consideration of your peace of mind.
• Corporate Framing - Hotels, motels, businesses - all have a specific need. Experience and knowledge in this field is invaluable to your project's success. We welcome enquiries and assure you of the very best advice.
• Artist Framing - "The frame maketh the picture." The right frame choice is essential for the sale of your artwork at the very best price! Our knowledge and experience is invaluable. We offer friendly, obligation free quotes!
• Consultancy to the Interior Decorator - Do you need to know all the options in the field? Want to find the unusual? Looking for a specific PICTURE, MIRROR or FRAME? KOSNAR'S is the place to visit!! Curtain Pelmets - made from gilded mouldings are also available.
• Wholesale Framing Service - This service is available to selected clients on application. For further details please Contact Us.

We also stock a range of Howard Quality Wood Care Products:
• See this page for further details.

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