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Choose from our huge range of wall mirrors or we can customise any mirror from our suppliers to your exact specification.

Click on the image that excites you to see more examples in the same style. Tap on the image that excites you to see more examples in the same style.

We understand that you will have your own unique and personal design preferences. This may be a liking for the vintage look of traditional mirrors, or you might want something unique and more eye-catching. We have a wide range of mirrors that can appeal to all kinds of tastes. Here’s a peek at all our styles.

Traditional Mirrors

– These are often the safest bet when it comes to mirrors because they’re clean, beautifully designed, and timeless. Such designs can easily beautify your property, regardless of the architecture and decor. If you want something elegant for your home, you should consider our traditional wall mirrors.

Kosnar Gilded Mirrors

– have an ornate period look. So they are perfect for that Victorian or old world feel. This style will create a focal point for any room. These mirrors have a gilded frame which can be gold, silver, copper or even a timber finish. Options are endless because these magnificent mirrors are custom made and finished by us to exacting standards to suit your requirements.

Art Deco Mirrors

– If you want something unique and are willing to experiment, you should consider our Art Deco mirrors. They’re edgy, interesting, and can be conversation pieces so you can install them in living and dining rooms, as well as bathrooms, halls and bedrooms.

Modern Mirrors

– are ideal for contemporary homes and apartments. They have clean designs and a futuristic look to them. People who prefer minimalistic and restrained designs will love our modern mirror collection.

Venetian Mirrors

– are frameless antique mirrors decorated with lovely designs within the glass, and sometimes have the addition of decorative "buttons". They are featured with many unusual shapes which further enhances their fascination.

Wrought Iron Mirrors

– You can never go wrong with wrought iron wall mirrors in Melbourne. They look unique and can be a talking piece. Usually more masculine in feel, they are also suitable for outdoor areas. Our wrought iron mirrors are eye-catching and lovingly designed so you can be sure they would make an impact.

All Other Mirrors

– See what our main supplier - PhoenixFrames - has to offer, then have us supply your choice at the best rate available.
These can be perfect for your immediate needs or we can customise any from this range to suit your special circumstances. Just contact us with your request about Cheval mirrors, black mirrors, gold mirrors, convex mirrors, decorative mirrors, full length mirrors, Pier & Triptych Mirrors, Edwardian, French, Georgian and Regency mirrors, Gilt Mirrors and Inlaid mirrors.

Our mirrors are always of excellent quality and are durable. Buy one now and you can enjoy it for many years to come. We use excellent quality glass so your image would be crystal clear as well.
If you want to know more about our custom wall mirrors, get in touch with us at Kosnar’s Picture Framing and Mirrors Shop. Our phone number is 03 9370 5744 and our email is info@kosnar.com.au. Of course you can also use our Contact Us form to ask questions.

Expert, friendly advice with a sincere commitment to the best possible results is our promise to you.

Mirrors are surprisingly versatile. Of course they show your reflection and allow you to groom and dress yourself properly, but they also have a number of other uses. At Kosnar’s Picture Framing and Mirrors Shop, we know how mirrors can enhance your world!
We can help you choose a mirror that will make that small room look twice the size, or brighten the mood of a dingy space by adding reflected light and appealing style.
Call us on 03 9370 5744 for a free consultation. We guarantee you will get the best result from our proven skill at designing great custom wall mirrors to enhance your home or business.