Art and Frame Restoration

Here is a list of the things we restore:-

• Artworks - repair, restoration and conservation of oil paintings, water colours, pastels and all paper art.

Stage 3 of Oil painting restoration
This Oil painting is part-way through our meticulous restoration process and shows how much clearer the picture becomes after just one of many cleaning stages this painting went through before it's final clean and varnish. The customer was delighted with the result and it is now retained in the family for future generations to enjoy.

• Tapestry Art - repair and conservation of longstitch, embroideries and doileys.

• Certificates and Documents - clean, repair, de-acidify and remake.

• Frames - repair, re-ornamenting, re-making, re-gilding, re-polishing, re-finishing, re-glazing.

  •• Oval and round frames (see some examples on the Mirrors pages)
  •• Memorabilia framing - Showcase style - individually restored to suit

• Mirrors - repair, re-silver and replace both glass and frames.

• Clocks and Ornaments.

Restored Antique Clock
This Antique clock is just one of the many things that we restore and re-gild.

Of course you can try and do it yourself, but the risks are greater the more valuable your item in need of restoration/repair.
If you really want to DIY, we recommend you use what we use - Howard Quality Wood Care Products, for all timber surfaces.

For all enquiries Contact Us.

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